Our people suffered...but now we must speed national reconciliation and bring peace to our country
Time:2006/12/25 10:15:27  

Chad's government said the two sides had agreed to end all military activity and media campaigning against each other, to release each other's prisoners and to grant an amnesty to fighters from both sides.

It said Nour's forces would be stationed at a location agreed by both sides until they could be integrated into the national army.

Nour, whose forces raided the Chadian capital N'Djamena in April, called on the other rebel groups to sign the peace agreement and join the Chadian government.

"This is a great day for us," said Deby. "Today we made a step forward on the path toward peace in Chad."

Deby has accused Sudan of backing and arming the rebels fighting to end his 16-year-old rule as well as Arab Janjaweed militia raiders from over the border, accusations that Khartoum denies.

The Tripoli talks were the initiative of Gaddafi, who has been pressing Chad and Sudan to settle their differences as part of international efforts to bring peace to Sudan's western region of Darfur.

Deby met Nour last weekend and discussed the possibility of the former army captain returning to the government side. the Chadian government said the two men would return to N'Djamena together.

However, other rebels groups said Nour was an isolated figure and dismissed the reconciliation as a non-event.

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