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Jiangsu Shuguang Group Co., Ltd., which is a large scale enterprise, was initially set up in 1968 and 11 subsidiary companies were covered under its due. We are one of important manufacturers who mainly produce drill pipes, tool joints, drill collars and their components of different grades and steel ;new-energy equipment ——Wind generator;and other products like metal hoses, bellows, heat exchanger and I II pressure vessel. Our products are widely used in the line of oil, petrochemical, machinery, refrigeration, construction, water and electricity, nuclear, concrete, paper making, textile, rubber, medication, transportation, mine, metallurgy, centralized heat, shipping, city gas, natural gas piping construction, center air condition, aviation and spaceflight etc.

Our Group is located in the east of Taizhou city, Jiangsu province. There are 1000 formal employees, including 400 engineering technicians, 8 advanced engineers and among them 1 person having a right to enjoy special allowance of our country. It covers 83029 square meters and 54000 square meters are for workshop. The whole assets can reach 429 million while net assets are 225 million. In 1996, we receive a certification from API and ISO9001. Besides, we are awarded “Zhong Hetong Shou Xinyong Danwei” by government in 1997. In 1998, we receive a certification of Ship’ Classification Society, “Special various screw-pitch tool joints for deep water” is cognizanced to be “Torch Plan Project of China” and is awarded of “Important new product of China”, “XL High-Performance Dual Shoulder Tool Joints” is named new technological production by Jiangsu Province. In the lasting 9 years, our products of Shuguang brand become famous brand products of Jiangsu Province. What’s more, in the lasting 19 years, Shuguang is awarded of “Zhong Shou Qiye” by Taizhou government. In 2004, “Shuguang” was defined as a “Famous Brand” of Jiangsu Province. In 2008 ,CE was authorized on wind generator.

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